DKVBrowser, developed by Kevin Goroway, is an application that can be used instead of the PDA (PRC-100) or Tablet or Virtual PRC-100 that is normally supplied with a Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV. It can be downloaded from sourceforge.net by searching for DKVBrowser. There are Mac and PC versions built and ready to run, but it can run on any platform that supports Java and can access the Disklavier either wired or wirelessly. It is licensed under GNU General Public License.


  • Displays playlists and albums and the songs contained in them as an easy to understand tree view.
  • Allows searching of songs stored on the Mark IV Disklavier hard drive. You can search by title (album or song), rating, comments, file name, or any combination of the above.
  • Plays songs selected from search or a playlist or album or source. Option to play randomly from album or an entire source is available.
  • Allows editing a song’s title, comments, or rating, and album titles in ‘Source’ view or ‘Details’ view. (Note: the F2 key is used for editing song names and album names in the source view).
  • Allows Drag and Drop operations for moving or copying a song to a playlist or album, deleting a song from a playlist or album, and reordering of songs within a playlist or album. Allows reordering albums within a source list. (Note: Mac users – option key needed for copy, without holding down option key a move is performed, on the PC the control key is required).
  • Allows creating a new playlist, deleting a playlist, renaming and reordering playlists.
  • Provides an exported report of all albums and songs stored on the Mark IV Disklavier hard drive. Data is stored in spreadsheet format. (Export format)
  • Repeat play a section of a Midi song, an entire song or entire album.
  • Allows user to customize and save “perspectives” (positional layouts) for windows such as ‘Source’, ‘Now Playing’, ‘Search’, ‘Playlists’, ‘Details’, ‘Volume’, ‘A/B Repeat’, ‘Volume’ and ‘Volume Details’. These windows have minimize, maximize and delete options as well as drag and drop placement and tear-off options.
  • Allows option to drag and drop songs and albums into and out of the To/From PC tab (‘PC’) directly from/to the user’s hard drive.
  • Allows drag and drop of songs to a playlist in the order desired.
  • Allows drag and drop of albums and songs from any source (where appropriate) to another source via move or copy. (For example, you can move or copy songs/albums from PC tab to User tab using drag and drop.)
  • Allows option to refresh PC tab from edit menu, or context menu on the ‘PC’ tab.
  • Allows auto-pausing (including auto-restart), if selected in Preference Window.
  • Allows setting song options such as Piano Parts (L & R), Piano Velocity Curve, Main Volume Adjustment, Audio Volume & Pitch Adjustments, Skip and Guide for SmartKey Function.
  • Allows the user to create a playlist from search results.
  • Allows the user to collapse and expand the albums/playlists to view the songs within albums and playlists.

Many of the above functions duplicate what is allowed on the PRC-100, or tablet, or Virtual PRC. However, in most cases DKVBrowser offers a very convenient interface. For example, when editing titles, you have a larger screen and a real keyboard to use for editing purposes. When creating playlists or reordering songs or albums, you can use drag and drop. Note: whenever possible, the piano’s software is used to perform the functions, such as copy.

DKVBrowser is a very convenient user interface. It does not try to replicate all the PRC-100 functions. It specializes in tasks that require a keyboard and screen real estate, such as editing data. The auto-pause feature of DKVBrowser allows the user to automatically pause a song that is playing, while the user performs operations which otherwise would cause the piano to tell her that she needs to stop the playing manually. When the operation is complete, DKVBrowser instructs the piano to start playing again from the position where the song was paused. DKVBrowser is still undergoing development and testing. Use at your own risk.

System Requirements

dkvBrowser can be run on any computer with the appropriate swt.jar java library.

DKVBrowser requires your Mark IV Disklavier to be running version 2.10 or greater of the Disklavier software.